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Cookie Killer 1.0

A program that detects a new cookie and deletes it on the fly
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Yuri Saprykin

Cookie Killer is a program that detects a new cookie when the Internet browser receives it from a Web Page. It analyzes undesired cookies on the fly avoiding spyware or online stores from collecting personal private data.

It has integrated a White/Black list to learn which cookies not to delete. The user can choose to add that web site to white list (always accept cookies from it) or to black list (always remove). Run the application to remove all cookies, it will not ask about each unknown domain, and any new received cookie will be deleted (except the white list ones) .

Additionally the user may view each cookie to see what it stores.
The algorithm used by Cookie Killer deletes the files permanently so they cannot be recovered. And it sends a sound every time that a cookie is deleted; this can result annoying for some users and can be disabled.

The use of this program is recommended for those who want to delete cookies automatically and that do not have adavanced knowledge of this kind.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Avoid spyware
  • Protect private data


  • Some times it doesn't respect he white list
  • Setup has no options and installs icons whether the user wants or not
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